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Floor Installation
Serving Southern California

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With nearly 25 years' experience, Newport Coast Flooring provides quality craftsmanship at a competitive price. We use premium materials so your hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring isn't just built to look beautiful, but to last. Our crew is always clean, courteous, and professional. We make sure to have constant communication with our customers throughout the job so they stay informed of the process and know exactly what is happening in their home. We will never leave a job unfinished and never move on to another client until the job is complete and the customer is 100% satisfied with our work. Join our family of hundreds of customers whose flooring dreams have become a reality since working with Newport Coast Flooring!

Flooring Installation

 Add value and style to your home with a new floor! Commonly overlooked, a different floor can completely change and upgrade the feel of a room. Whether you choose hardwood, vinyl, or laminate, Newport Coast Flooring will work with you to install the best flooring for your design vision.



No matter the house, a staircase in the wrong style can break up any interior design. Let Newport Coast Flooring give you a new staircase that will seamlessly blend into and enhance the style of your wonderful home!


and Finish

Get an old or new floor looking fresh with a sanding treatment for a flawless finish. With our state-of-the-art sanding technology, the process is simple and quick, so you can start enjoying your finished floor sooner.



Do you have an old floor that could use some love? We will get your floor looking just like it did the day it was installed. Any imperfections and damage can be easily erased by Newport Coast Flooring.

Baseboard Installation

Nothing makes a new (or old) floor look better than baseboards! Use them to compliment your floor or to stand out in a more contemporary style. Either way, baseboards give your floor a complete, professional look.


When removing old flooring, our team is sure to seal any non-work areas off with plastic to prevent dust from spreading. And then disposes of the removed flooring and debris safely with an environmental impact in mind.

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