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Updated: Dec 5, 2021

“I’ll renovate our home for the new year. And I just have so much in mind that I don’t even know where to begin.”

Can you relate to the statement above? I can totally dig it! Especially if this is the first time you’ll ever be dealing with home renovation. So let me help you with these tips:

1. Plan Ahead

Are you going to renovate the whole house or just a room? Do you want a completely new look or you just want to make it look new? Planning can give you an estimate of the time and budget that you’ll be spending on the project.

2. Budget

Consider your budget. Remember, you’ll be spending not just on the materials but also on labor. If you’re also planning on having new furniture, try to search for other alternatives. For example, a couch that you saw at a store might cost you a fortune. Look elsewhere, on the internet or Thrift stores. It might give you a better option to stretch your budget for other expenses.

3. Give your project a time limit

You might be overwhelmed when the project starts, and be disoriented with everything going on. You might enjoy the bathroom makeover, then you remembered there’s still another room that needs fixing. Give your project a time limit, something realistic and attainable. This will help you keep your focus.

4. Research

With the help of technology today, you’ll surely find useful things that’ll be helpful with your renovation. Look for the trend or what’s more economical, or what would best suit your home. You’d be surprised by all the information you can gather.

5. Hire a reliable contractor

Now that you have done your assignment, it’s now time to get started. But for you to be able to do it, you’ll need to hire a reliable contractor who has great experience. Newport Coast Flooring is one of the best examples! Nothing beats a trusted contractor in executing the plan efficiently.

Don’t frown just because you’re confused about how to do the renovation. Follow these tips, and all else will fall into place.

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