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Keeping your Hardwood Floor In Pristine Condition

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

A lot may agree that hardwood flooring is still the best choice of flooring for many of us. Its elegance and durability are remarkable. However, due to some circumstances (I’ll list them down below later.), hardwood flooring may lose its brand new look over time.

Below are some of the circumstances and how to address them:

Harmful sun rays

Well, would you have thought that sunlight is harmful to your floors too? Most advertisements say that too much exposure to sunlight may cause damage to our skin, and the same goes for hardwood floors. Prolonged exposure may cause discoloration.

Tip: You may use curtains to block direct sunlight exposure to your floors. If you do not fancy curtains, tinted windows for the modern house may be more appealing to you. If you’re a plant lover, placing plants on or near your windows would be helpful too!

Pet Scratches and Urine Stains

Having pets in our homes brings us joy until they wee and scratch our floors (of course, we’re still joyful but a little bit frustrated). If we don’t respond to these immediately, it may cause irreversible damage.

Tip: Regularly trim your pets’ nails. Potty training your pets would be a significant advantage for your hardwood floor, but if it’s not possible at the moment, consider using a mat. If accidents do happen, clean it immediately by blotting a dry towel on the puddle of urine. Use a vinegar and water solution to clean it thoroughly.

Water Exposure

Yes, it’s not just sunlight exposure, but water exposure too. Hardwood flooring is not compatible with water and too much moisture. It may cause your floor to rot and decay over time.

Tip: Avoid using a wet mop when cleaning. Thorough and regular vacuum cleaning is enough. In areas where there is high moisture or a consistent splash of water, use rugs to prevent direct contact of the floor to water.

Unnecessary Cleaning Materials

Strong chemicals and abrasive materials for cleaning your hardwood floor may cause scratches, dents, and stains. The glow and shine of your floor may replace a dull appearance.

Tip: Avoid using steel wools and harmful chemicals when cleaning your floors.

Gliding Of Heavy Furniture

When we try to relocate heavy furniture, we glide them on the floor that causes dents and scratches. Even if the furniture is fixated, repetitive pressure will do the same (an example is a couch where we usually sit, even if it stays there you’ll notice dents when you try to lift it. That’s because of the pressure of the weight that people have sat there.)

Tip: Use a cushion on the edges of your furniture that has direct contact with the floor. If you can lift them when relocating, do so. Avoid dragging and gliding them.

I hope that the causes and resolutions mentioned above were helpful to you. Maintaining the pristine looks of your hardwood floor isn’t that hard as you think. Just like what others say, prevention is better than cure.

Would you like to have hardwood flooring for your home, office, or business area? Please feel free to leave us a message, and we’d be glad to assist you.

You may also browse our showroom for our available options you can choose from.

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