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Unraveling Vinyl Flooring: Myths Vs. Fact

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the late 1800s when it was first manufactured. It has then become one of the most favored types of flooring, for residential and even in commercial construction.

With its evolution comes a lot of speculation that may have caused worry for people to consider it. So let’s unravel the myths and facts of Vinyl Flooring as if it’s a mystery. ;)

Unattractive (MYTH)

(Fact) Gone were the days that vinyl flooring comes in a plain big sheet that covers your floor. With today’s advances in technology, manufacturers are able to create a design that mimics hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, or even stone. Considering this, it gives you a variety of options to choose from, that’ll surely match any or every part of your home.

Questionable Durability (MYTH)

(Fact) It’s made of synthetic materials that resist moisture, stain, and scratch. Perfect even for bathrooms and your kitchen. There’s no need to worry even if you have pets or children because it’s also suitable for them. Created to withstand even heavy foot traffic which makes it a better choice for commercial buildings.

Not Safe (MYTH)

(Fact) It’s true that it’s made from synthetic materials, but manufacturers from The US and Europe follow strict guidelines to meet the Health and Safety Standards of the government.

Expensive (MYTH)

(Fact) Actually, if you want a budget-friendly yet astonishing design for flooring, vinyl is the best for you. As said above, it can mimic the design of hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles, or even stone at a fraction of its price. Great for variation. In the long run, as well, maintaining it will not cost you much as it’s easy to maintain. No need to polish, simple sweeping will do.

I hope that this article helps clear some of the misconceptions about Vinyl Flooring.

Let me have this chance to introduce the Newport Coast Flooring Vinyl Flooring available options:

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